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Whether you use a Remote Control system or a Wall Switch to operate your Regency Electronic Ignition appliance, it is possible that on colder or damp days your electronic ignition will take a few tries to get going. This is perfectly normal, and not a defect. This is due to the heavier air inside your firebox and venting systems when it's cold or damp. The absence of a pilot light means there are no other means to generate initial draft until the appliance is running. It is important to note this effect is completely environmental and normal.
automatic ignition for outdoor fire table
Symptoms of this would be while attempting to light your appliance from a cold start, the pilot lights, goes out again, once or twice, and often the ignition system goes into Lock-out mode.  Again this is not a defect, but a characteristic of cold start-ups. In some instances while the pilot first lights you may even hear the igniter continue to spark until the system locks out. If Lock-out happens you will be unable to ignite your appliance until you manually reset the system. Click here to learn how.

SureFire Switch

To help with Lock-out and Cold Start-up we have designed into your Regency Electronic Ignition appliance the IPI/CPI SureFireTM switch. If experiencing the cold start-up and/or lock-out symptom, you can help this by using the IPI/CPI in CPI mode during these colder and damp days. This switch can be located below the glass door on all Regency Electronic appliances, some located on the bottom right, some on the left, and some in the center. The switch is a small toggle type.

Locating Your SureFire Switch
Download this SureFire switch document in PDF format to help you locate your SureFire switch.
outdoor fire table automatic igntion

The purpose and benefit of the IPI/CPI switch in CPI mode is to ignite the pilot light which will in turn warm the firebox and venting system enough to remove the cold from your start-up procedure. This should remove the need for continued attempts to ignite the appliance on colder or damp days. It is normal and can be advantageous to keep this in CPI mode during these times.

How To Take the Electronic Ignition System out of Lock-out Mode

  • If using a Remote Control to start your stove, you can simply use the On/Off button on your handheld to turn the unit to Off, wait two or three seconds and turn it back to On. This will take it from lockout to operational. Alternatively you can turn the manual switch on the remote control receiver from the Remote position, through the On and Off positions, hold in the Off position for two or three seconds, returning it again to Remote to take it out of this mode, allowing you to use your remote control again for ignition.
  • If you use a Wall Switch or Remote Control Receiver only (without the remote control), you simply turn the On/Off switch from On to Off, wait two or three seconds and return the switch to On. This will start your ignition process again.
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