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During the summer season, people love to enjoy tea party and BBQ dinners on their lawns and backyards. In order to enjoy a fantastic time, the design of the outdoor area of your house needs to be fascinating and attractive. A well decorated and maintained outdoor region enhances the beauty and worth of the whole house. There are many outdoor design trends that people like to follow. We have chosen 7 most popular trends to help you choose the best look for your house.

Arising Outdoor Trends in 2017

As the time is passing, the architectural designs and trends for the houses are also changing. People are now more conscious of bringing variations in the overall structure of the house. They not only focus on the design of indoors but outdoors are also getting due importance. People love to decorate their lawns and backyards with alluring products, retro style furniture, and cool decorations, such as:
  • Hammocks
  • Water Features
  • Edible Gardens
  • BBQ Kitchen
  • Lounge Chairs
  • And much more.

Outdoor Garden Trends 2017

Use Of Contrasting Furniture

Previously, people didn’t put a lot of thought and consideration to the color of the furniture items outside the house. Often they chose the same color for the furniture, walls and the gate. However, a new trend is emerging and more and more people are using contrasting color schemes for their outdoor furniture and decorations.
This holds true not only for the furniture color but also for their styles. Some use a combination of sleek and traditional lounge seats with a big comfy seat. The retro style is also making its appearnace in place of steel or faux wood furniture. It provides more space as well and also gives an impression of vastness. Similarly, teak accents to different articles of furniture are being preferred by many people.
Outdoor hammocks
Outdoor Dining Trends 2017

Edible Gardens

The is another new yet superb trend in the outdoor designs for 2017. Edible plants in your garden not only provide the home with fresh vegetables or fruits but also give a beautiful and colorful new look as well. Edible gardens are effortless to create and maintain. To make them more beautiful, one can add different containers and fill them with
  • Edible flowers
  • Fragrant herbs
  • Microgreens

These edible gardens not only beautify the appearance of your lawn but are also useful to:

  • Teach the kids about cultivating fruits and vegetables
  • Get a fresh salads and herbs
  • They may even help you with real estate taxes.

Edible Gardens

Hygge Concepts with Water Features

It is a new concept which adds ambiance to a particular location. One can add water features to their outdoor portion of the house. It contains little water with a small pond water liner. The water features give an incredible look to the garden. To make it more scenic one can add flower pots and different plants around it with beautiful golden lights. These fairy lights with the water flowers really give an awesome feel to your evening. Many different fascinating water features are available in the market. They are available in the form of the ceramic pots or small ponds as well as fountain systems that can be arranged to provide an excellent look to your outdoors.

Backyard BBQ

People who are fond of BBQ dinners and love to arrange parties on their lawns prefer to build a sophisticated BBQ kitchen on the side of their garden. The kitchen contains all the accessories necessary for this purpose. The decorations with LED lights, artificial plants, and other accessories are the best choice to prepare dinner outside. A person can also arrange light music system so the guests can enjoy dinner with soothing music and awesome light effects.
Backyard BBQ

Greenery Textures

The designers give specific emphasis to the colors and textures in your lawn and the outside space to give a tempting look to your house. To make the outdoor location more persuasive and green, many people use Pantone products for grass texture. They use different colored grass like products in various places. This gives an alluring and appealing look to the lawn. These different textures include:
  • Green velvet boxwood
  • Border of green lilyturf
  • Boston ivy colored trellis

The Pantone products as well as natural plants and greenery, are quite affordable and add a fresh natural look to your garden. They are best for small and large yards and gardens.

Greenery textured Patio

Use of Natural Materials

Natural wood and stones are the best choice for backyard landscaping and garden design. Different arrangements near water features or sitting areas among the greenery give a soft and creative look to the garden. There are various sizes and types of stones available for decoration purposes and one can choose them according to the size and the requirement of the garden. These majestic stones are designed and added to increase the beauty of your backyard.
Use of Natural Resources

Decoration with Sustainable Plants

The smart plants are occupying their place in new gardens. They are easy to maintain and are resistant to disease and insects as well. They also require minimal watering and fertilization. Some of the common sustainable plants you can place in your garden are:
  • Bald cypress
  • Bigleaf magnolia
  • Gingko tree
  • Elderberry
  • Grey dogwood

All these are beautiful plants that can provide an enchanting look to your garden. One can grow and arrange them in different locations of the lawn.

Decoration With Sustainable Plants 2017
There is a vast variety of materials, furniture and plants that a person can choose from to make their gardens an awesome place to spend time. The color blocking trends that make colors splash in outdoor living spaces is now preferred by people who love colors and nature. Another unusual and unique way is the framing or highlighting of plants with different colors. This gives an elegant effect to your garden area and makes your outdoor parties more enjoyable. The choice of outdoor design affects the mood of your party and gives off a fascinating appeal to the whole environment.


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