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When you're in the market for outdoor furniture, whether it's garden furniture, patio furniture, or maybe just something by the pool, there's a lot of information and options out there. Luckily, we've got you covered when it comes to why resin wicker is, quite possibly, the best fit for your outdoor patio. Here are the reasons why:

outdoor patio furniture resin wicker

outdoor patio furniture resin wicker water resistant

Resin wicker is commonly known as all-weather wicker and it stands up to that name. It can endure the heat of the Southern California sun, the inclement conditions of the East Coast, or the middle of the desert in Arizona. It holds up to extreme temperatures, both hot & cold, and maintains its shape & color, making it the perfect garden furniture.


      outdoor patio furniture resin wicker humidity resistant

Keeping with its all-weather title, resin wicker is also rust resistant, waterproof, and resistant to mold & mildew due to its material known as polyethylene, or PE rattan. This makes this wicker perfect for leaving outdoors.


outdoor patio furniture resin wicker hand crafted

Wicker furniture is usually hand woven over a powder coated aluminum frame, making it sturdy but lightweight. This handcrafting gives the wicker finer details, from flat to half round to double woven. This additionally allows for a wider range of styles & shapes in the finishes for the wicker. Checkout our available wickers here.


outdoor patio furniture resin wicker low maintenance

Because resin wicker has resiliency against the elements, it makes it less susceptible to costly wearing and tearing. You won’t find bending or warping of this wicker, unlike its conventional counterpart.


outdoor patio furniture resin wicker fade resistant

Resin wicker comes standard with UV protective inhibitors, which block out harmful UV rays, keeping your wicker as vibrant as the day you bought it. The wicker is thus more durable and less susceptible to fading.


outdoor patio furniture resin wicker low maintenance

Not only is resin wicker furniture great for outdoors, it gives you less to maintain. Under normal circumstances, it just needs to be hosed down with water to effectively remove surface dirt. Don’t want to do that? Don’t worry, we sell covers for our furniture here.


        outdoor patio furniture resin wicker best value

With low maintenance, weather resiliency, and protection from precipitation, you still pay far less for resin wicker than patio furniture made of teak or aluminum. Just check out our Contempo collection to see the difference.

outdoor patio furniture resin wicker environmental

Your resin wicker purchase is not only fiscal, but also environmentally friendly. Resin wicker is made from recycled material, meaning you're keeping our landfills emptier and your carbon footprint smaller. Traditional wicker is also crafted from plant materials, but this allows it to be more susceptible to elements.



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