Round and Octagon Fire Tables and Firepits, Rectangle Fire Tables and Firepits,Square Fire Tables,

Fire tables or firepits are offered in different shapes and finishes. Most common fire table shapes are rectangle, square and round. Those firepits range from 19 inches high, which is considered a coffee height, to anywhere from 20-23.5" high, and this is considered a chat height. The next level up would be a dining height, which is typically anywhere between 26-28" tall. Last option available is 32-34.5 inches high firepits, which are considered bar height.

When buying fire tables, one must decide on a few things:

  • Frame Color: many colors available depending on supplier
  • Top Finish: options available are: stone-top, metal, teak, tempered glass among others
  • Propane vs. direct: most if not all firepits come with propane ready connections. some firepits do offer convertors, which allow for direct gas connection.
  • Ignition: some firepits have automatic ignition, while others require manual ignition.
  • FIrepits with burners are sold separately from fireglass. You will need to buy just enough fireglass to cover the burner. Safe choice would be to buy 20 lbs worth of fireglass.

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