Coming from a background of a large family, hosting events at our house was a must. To accommodate these large family events, we realized that utilizing our outdoor living space was essential. In our journey in finding patio furniture for our own house, we realized that we (my wife and I) enjoyed designing our backyard very much. We began designing other people’s backyards and connecting them to other vendors for their furniture needs. We then took it one step further and started providing the furniture directly. From that moment, we decided that we wanted to open up our very own outdoor patio furniture company.

Today, Eurolux Patio is a family owned and positively recognized outdoor patio furniture supplier. We specialize in offering outdoor furniture accessories for those who want a stylish outdoor living space, but not at the cost that usually is required to buy it. This company was founded on the basis of great outdoor designs at an affordable price.

Our products are high quality, modern, stylish, sleek, sturdy, and backed by warranty (see warranty page for details). 

Thank you for considering Eurolux Patio as the company for your outdoor patio furnishing needs. We look forward to helping make your visions a reality.