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When it comes to buying your next outdoor fire table, there's a lot of things to consider, such as style, height, shape, material, price, and a plethora of other variables. We at Eurolux Patio like to make your shopping experience informed and fast so you can get right to enjoying your fire table. So we've comprised a list of the most important things to consider when purchasing your next fire table.

Pictured: Marquee Fire Island from Outdoor Great Room. View it here.


1. Table Style & Size


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Is your patio large or small? Will you be hosting people or enjoying nights outdoors looking at the stars? Do you want to be able to eat on your table? These are all questions to ask yourself when buying an outdoor fire table. With many different shapes, from round to square, and many different sizes, from dining height to chat height, there are plenty of options to consider. Consider what your main use is for it, and  from there you can choose more freely. 



2. Table Top Material

outdoor fire table table top material

 Stick and stones may break bones, but sticks definitely don't make good fire table material (unless you're burning them). Most fire tables are made of aluminum or stainless steel for longevity and portability. A small fire bowl may be great for easy moving, but a large round firepit might be good for larger gatherings. Consider also how this table will blend with the rest of your outdoor patio furniture. Granite tops can accent a patio nicely, but an aluminum top may be more up your avenue.



3. Fuel Source

outdoor fire table fuel type

When you think of a fire, you think of wood, right? When it comes to outdoor fire tables, you have a few other options, including propane or gas. What makes one better than the other?  In terms of cost, gas is cheaper than propane tanks. However, when it comes to portability, propane comes in a tank, typically full size (5 gallons) or half size (2.5 gallons). They also come in vertical or horizontal to best fit your needs. Unlike the portability of propane, gas is connected to a gas line from your house, making it harder to place strategically in your patio. Be careful with the wood option. Some zoning laws prevent such fires within certain cities.


4. Cost

outdoor fire table cost

You want the right fire table for the right price, and at Eurolux Patio, we pride ourselves on carrying the top brands, as well as our own exclusive products, at a price that won't empty your pockets. You'll also want to consider warranty coverage on your fire table, as many retailers offer them, such as Homecrest, one of the top Fire Table lines in the world.




5. Location


outdoor fire table location


The last thing to consider when purchasing your outdoor fire table is location. Here in California, there are some restrictions in certain areas against wood burning due to the drought we are experiencing. In other areas, there are certain zoning laws that prevent any outdoor fires period. It's best to check your local laws to be sure you're in compliance with any zoning restrictions. In addition to physical location, you'll also want to consider where you want your outdoor fire table. Will it be on the grass, on concrete, in your backyard, under an awning? Will you want it to be easily moved or more permanent? These are all great questions to consider when you purchase your fire table.



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