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As the weather starts to cool, the leaves turn brown and the aroma of pumpkin spice is in the air heralding the imminent arrival of winter. It seems all too soon that it is time to abandon the summer sanctuary of your outdoor space and retreat to the warmth and comfort of indoors.

Unless you are storing your patio furniture inside a garage for the winter season, steps need to be taken to safe guard it against the unpredictability of severe winter weather like snow and rain. Although outdoor patio furniture is weather resistant and able to withstand the elements, you can extend its life by covering it during the winter with a high quality outdoor patio furniture cover.

A durable patio furniture cover will not only protect your furniture from mold and moisture build up, but also dirt and debris, like falling leaves and bird droppings. Covering your furniture means less cleaning time for you when spring comes, so as soon as the weather warms up; your patio furniture is immediately ready for use.

When shopping for a patio furniture cover, look for one that is made of thick, heavy-duty polyester with a Polyurethane coating for maximum protection against the elements. Check out our collections of furniture covers by visiting the following link: Patio Furniture Covers

Polyurethane coated fabrics resist liquid water passing through the fibers. They also have the ability to block out rain and snow while allowing vapor to evaporate, making them ideal in many applications including patio furniture covers.


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